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8:57 PM || Monday, Jan. 05, 2004
the soundtrack to my life

I got this from a friend. It took a little bit to figure out, cause it is important. Just think about it...and try it! You'll be amazed when you really take the time out to think.

Kat: The Soundtrack to My Life

1)Opening credits: "Ca Plane Por Moi" --Plastic Bertrand

2)Dreaming about someone scene: "Le Vie En Rose" --Madeline Peyroux

3)Waking up scene: "The Remedy (I Won't Worry)" --Jason Mraz

4)Happy friends scene: "Sing" --Travis

5)Driving during the day scene: "Just What I Needed" --The Cars

6)Action/fight scene: "Freedom 90" --Rage Against the Machine

7)Chase scene: "Just" --Radiohead

8)Happy love scene: "California Stars" --Billy Bragg & Wilco

9)Mellow scene: "A Movie Script Ending" --Death Cab for Cutie

10)Sex scene: "Heaven" --The Fire Theft

11)Angry/bitter scene: "Black Dog" --Led Zeppelin

12)Breakup scene: "Nothing Better" --The Postal Service

13)Regret scene: "Never Meant" --Owen

14)Contemplation scene: "Do You Realize?" --The Flaming Lips

15)Sad/breakdown scene: "Pictures of You" --The Cure

16)Driving at night scene: "For Me This is Heaven" --Jimmy Eat World

17)Death scene: "Rabbit in Your Headlights" --UNKLE w/ Thom Yorke

18)Funeral scene: "Sweet Lil Gal (23rd/1st)" --Ryan Adams

19)Nostalgia scene: "Careful Where You Stand" --Coldplay

20)Closing credits: "Shinda Shima" --Mellow

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aural restitution: the sound track to my life!!! duh.
visual restitution: S.W.A.T.

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